Guiding Future Plans

In order to expand on the strong local economic environment and to foster development in an orderly manner, the City of Marysville has proactively adopted plans designed to guide future planning efforts in the city.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is designed to help develop an understanding of Marysville’s future needs regarding land use and the best long-term strategies for ensuring a successful future.

Design Guidelines for Historic Uptown Marysville

The design guidelines for Historic Uptown Marysville were developed to promote the preservation, enhancement, and maintenance of buildings and properties in the Historic Uptown Marysville Design Review District (map).

Union County Comprehensive Plan

The Union County Comprehensive Plan establishes an important framework for making decisions concerning Union County’s future and the future of individual communities when addressing growth and development issues.

2006 Uptown Marysville Revitalization Plan

The Uptown Marysville Revitalization Plan is designed to promote and assist in the revitalization efforts of Historic Uptown Marysville. The plan is also required in order for the city to apply for specific revitalization grants.

2012 Uptown Marysville Revitalization Plan Update

The Uptown Marysville Revitalization Plan Update is designed to expand upon the 2006 plan by providing up-to-date strategic planning, market analysis and urban design for creating a unique and marketable Historic Uptown Marysville. The plan will also help Marysville remain competitive for future grant opportunities.