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Rules & Regulations
Temporary Markers & Decorations
Temporary markers are permitted for one year and only until a permanent monument or marker is in place.

The deadline for removal of grave blankets and other winter decorations is the last day of March. City personnel will remove and dispose of any decorations left on gravesites beyond that date.

Flower Bed Regulations
The following regulations have been established for flower beds:
  • Cannot extend beyond the length of the monument
  • Can only be planted on the front side of the monument
  • Can only extend a maximum of twelve (12) inches from the monument toward the burial space.
  • No trees or shrubs shall be planted on lots or graves.
    • If any existing tree, shrub, or plant on any lot becomes detrimental or injurious to adjacent lots, monuments, walkways, or drives, it will be removed by city staff.
  • No chairs, statues (that are not part of a permanent monument), artificial animals, settees, jars, boxes, shells, toys, bottles, glass containers, battery-operated devices or any other inappropriate items shall be placed on grave sites.

Please remember that no planting is allowed on the back side of monuments.  Review city code for the complete list of cemetery rules and regulations. 

Removal of Items
Oakdale Cemetery reserves the right to remove any or all floral designs, flowers, trees, shrubs, or plants of any kind, and wooden, iron, or steel cases that do not conform to cemetery standards.

The removed items will be stored for a period of four months and disposed of if not claimed during that time. To claim an item, please call (937) 645-7350 to make arrangements for pickup.