Planning & Zoning

About the Division

The Planning and Zoning Division works collaboratively with developers, architects, contractors, and residents to ensure that the city's Comprehensive Plan and all applicable codes are followed. This division is also responsible for enforcing the City Code relating to signage, property maintenance, and zoning.

Staff carefully reviews all zoning submittals and provides assistance to the Board of Zoning Appeals, Design Review Board, and Planning Commission.

Request for Proposal

The City of Marysville is requesting a proposal from qualified individuals or firms interested in carrying our updates to the City's Planning and Zoning Code & Zoning Map. View the Request for Proposal for requirements, schedule, and evaluation criteria.


The City of Marysville utilizes the Union County Building Department for all building plan reviews. The Building Department assists developers, architects, contractors, and residents building or remodeling structures within the city.

Meeting Packets

Meeting packets are available prior to the meetings.
Planning Commission Packet | Design Review Packet | Board of Zoning Appeals Packet