About the Division

If you are experiencing a sanitary sewer backup in your home, please call (937) 645-7344 to report the issue.

The City of Marysville Wastewater System serves the residents and businesses in the City of Marysville as well as Milford Center, the Honda of America auto plants, and southeastern Union County primarily along Industrial Parkway.

In 2004, the city completed a Wastewater Master Study that recommended the construction of a new Water Reclamation Facility (wastewater treatment plant) due to concerns regarding age and ability for expansion/upgrades of the existing plant. The new facility was strategically located on Beecher Gamble Road so that it could serve existing customers as well as potential future high-growth areas within the city service area. It was designed to meet more stringent current and future regulations and to be readily expandable to meet future needs effectively and expeditiously.

The wastewater collections component was designed to eliminate numerous existing lift stations while minimizing the number of future pump stations. This design will increase reliability while reducing maintenance costs.

The Division of Wastewater is divided into two groups - Collections and Treatment.


The primary areas of responsibility for Collections include the maintenance of the following infrastructure:
  • Force mains
  • Gravity sewers
  • Pump stations
The sewer system is made up of approximately 148 miles of sewer lines. The sewers range from six to 60 inches in diameter. The system also includes 20 lift stations and more than 2,618 manholes.


The primary areas of responsibility for Treatment include:
  • Compliance with all applicable Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) rules & regulations
  • Maintenance & operation of the Water Reclamation Facility
The Water Reclamation Facility treats an average daily flow of approximately 4.0 million gallons per day (mgd).

Industrial Pretreatment

The division operates a specialized Industrial Pretreatment Program that involves regular inspection and monitoring of industries to ensure that their wastewaters are suitable for release into the City’s sewer system. The City’s Industrial Pretreatment Program is a branch of the federal Industrial Pretreatment Program developed and overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). The Pretreatment Program is a delegated program, which means that the USEPA has delegated this authority to the City of Marysville. The City has the authority to issue permits, monitor discharges, and issue penalties if necessary.

Additional information about Industrial Pretreatment is available in the Industrial Pretreatment Program Fact Sheet.

Discharge Limits

Industrial or commercial entities should contact the Division of Wastewater for discharge limits. New companies who wish to discharge to the sanitary sewer system are required to submit a Commercial/Industrial User Questionnaire.