2019 Capital Improvements Overview

The 2019 construction season will be a busy one for the City. 

West 5th Street Improvements

The West 5th Street Improvements project includes roadway improvements along West 5th Street between the intersections of Raymond Road/Damascus Drive and West 4th Street/Grove Street.  The improvements include: asphalt resurfacing, new curbing, drive approaches, sidewalks, asphalt shared use path, street lighting, signal upgrades, street trees and storm sewer. This project will improve the pavement condition of West 5th Street and provide an attractive entrance into the City’s Uptown District from the west.

SR 31 Phase II Improvements

(UNI-31-1.40, ODOT PID 106441)

The SR 31 Phase II Improvements project will address traffic concerns along SR 31 between US 33/US 36 and Mill Road and the Northwoods Drive extension between Mill Road and SR 31. The project is currently under design with an anticipated construction completion date of Fall 2020.

2019 Pavement Maintenance Program

This annual project includes asphalt resurfacing for City-maintained streets. All streets are evaluated annually and assigned a rating based on condition. Streets are then prioritized and included in the program as funding allows. See below for the 2018 Pavement Condition Ratings for City Maintained streets. The details for this year's pavement maintenance program will be posted once bids are received.