City Budget

Purpose of the Budget

The City of Marysville’s budget is designed to serve the following purposes:

  • To define policy, as legislated by City Council.
  • To serve as an operating guide for management staff to aid in the control of financial resources, while complying with generally accepted principles for government.
  • To present the city's financial plan for the next five fiscal years, illustrating expenditures and projected revenues by which the budget is funded.
  • To serve as a communication document for the residents of Marysville who wish to understand how the city operates and the methods used to finance those operations.

Fiscal Year

The city follows a calendar year (Jan-Dec).

Adoption of the Budget

The City Charter requires that the City Manager present an operating budget and ordinance to City Council that shows a complete financial plan of all city funds and activities for the next fiscal year. Included in the operating budget shall be a history of income and expenditures for the past two years and a projection for the year following the next fiscal year.