Charter Review Board


  • As needed


  • Nine members appointed by council
  • Appointment occurs in January of the review year
  • Each ward shall be represented


The purpose of this board is to review the City Charter and submit recommendations to City Council at the first meeting in August during the review year.

The charter is reviewed every four years with the next scheduled review occurring in 2021. The City Council has the authority to perform a review at any time.

Opportunity to Serve Your Community

The Marysville City Council is looking for volunteers to serve on the Marysville Charter Review Board. The Charter Review Board is charged with reviewing the current Charter of the City of Marysville for the purpose of submitting to City Council amendments, if any, to be submitted to the electors of the City of approval.

Selected board members shall be registered voters of the City of Marysville and can hold no other office or employment in the government of the City.

To apply, send completed application to Clerk of Council Rebecca Dible, 209 S. Main St., Marysville, OH 43040 or email Applications must be received by 4:00 pm on November 16th.