Solicitor Permits

Solicitor Permits

A solicitor permit is required for any company going door to door in a residential area within the city that solicits funds for goods or services (i.e. selling products for profit).

Required criteria:

In order to apply for a Solicitor Permit, a background check must be conducted. Background checks are held by appointments only at 1250 W. Fifth Street, Marysville. NO WALK-INS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  • Sign up for a background/fingerprint check appointment.

The person being fingerprinted must have a valid Driver's License or current Identification card with photo. The person must be at least 18 years of age. If under 18, the person must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who is required to sign a waiver. No WebCheck will be conducted without proper identification.

NOTE: Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear masks while in the building.

Is there a charge for the service?

The Marysville Division of Police incurs a fee from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation for each WebCheck background check. We also incur an annual maintenance fee. The total fees incurred are passed on to anyone wishing to participate. The cost for a solicitor permit is $75. There is no charge for anyone under 18 requiring a permit. We currently accept cash in the exact amount (we cannot make change), check/money order or credit card.

If you have any questions, please call (937) 645-7300, option 1 and ask to speak with our Administrative Assistant or Records Clerk.