Snow Removal

Snow Removal Policy

The City of Marysville's snow removal policy is that all public streets within the city limits will be plowed and salted as conditions warrant. To ensure that major thoroughfares remain open to traffic, a priority of streets for snow removal has been established.

Resident Assistance

Residents can assist the snow removal process in several ways:
  • Keep parked vehicles off of the street.
  • When following snow plows, stay a safe distance behind.
  • Under no circumstance should you attempt to pass a snow plow.
  • Keep children away from snow plows.
  • Pile shoveled snow from driveways to the right of the driveway (as you face the street) or pile it in your yard area.
  • Clear snow and ice from stormwater drains to help prevent flooding when the snow melts.
  • Keep basketball hoops out of the right of way to avoid accident/injury to plows and drivers.

Snow Emergency Levels

Pursuant to Attorney General Opinion 86-023, the Union County Sheriff's Office may declare a snow emergency and temporarily close county and township roads within the jurisdiction for the preservation of the public peace. Attorney General Opinion 97-015 also allows the sheriff to close state and municipal roads. In order to clarify the definition of the snow emergency, Ohio sheriffs adopted guidelines to be followed when closing highways due to severe weather.

Level One - Roadway Advisory

Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roadways are also icy. Drive very cautiously.

Level Two - Roadway Warning

Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on the roadways. Contact your employer to see if you should report to work.

Level Three - Roadway Emergency

All township, county, state, and municipal roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel. No one should be out during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel. All employees should contact their employer to see if they should report to work. Those traveling on the roadways may subject themselves to arrest.

Please check the Union County Sheriff’s Office website for snow level advisories.