Shelter Rental Information

Shelters are available for use year round. Unless a reservation is made, shelters are available to anyone on a first-come, first-served basis.


Park Shelters

Up to 4 HoursAll Day

Memorial Health Pavilion at Partners Park (a permit is required if alcohol is to be served)

Per Hour (2 hr. minimum)Alcohol Permit and Refundable Deposit
Resident*$100.00$250.00 (plus $250.00 deposit)
Non-Resident$150.00$250.00 (plus $250.00 deposit)

Sean Doebert Amphitheater and Pavilion at American Legion Park

 Per HourDeposit (refundable)

*Residents are classified as anyone who lives within the corporation limits of the City of Marysville.

Prior to requesting a shelter reservation, please read the Park Shelter Rental Rules below. Reservations may be made using one of the following methods:

  • Online using RecDesk (credit card only)
  • In person - City Hall, 209 S. Main St. (cash or check only)

For questions, please email or call (937) 645-7350.