Backwater Valve

Backwater Valve Requirement

All new homes and businesses built within the City of Marysville, with public sewers and basements where the lowest drain opening is lower than the manhole cover, are required to install a backwater valve. A backwater valve is a device installed in the building drain or sewer pipe where a sewer is subject to backflow. Valves prevent drainage or waste from backing up into a lower level or fixtures and causing a flooding condition. The valve shall be placed in a location that allows for future maintenance access.

Sanitary Sewer Back-up

Current residents that are experiencing a sanitary sewer back-up or desire to protect their home from a future back-up may wish to install a backwater valve. Residents should contact the Division of Wastewater at (937) 645-7344 to determine if they are subject to a backup from the sanitary sewer system.

Ohio Code

The backwater valve should be installed in a manner consistent with the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4101:3-7.