Early History

The first burial place in Marysville was situated on North Walnut Street. The exact date of use is not known, but this area was set aside for use soon after the Village of Marysville was platted in 1819. In 1893, the New York Central Railroad procured right of way through the village and it became necessary to move the cemetery. Inscriptions on many of the old headstones were so worn by weather over the years that they became illegible. The earliest recording is from as early as 1824.

Many victims of the War Between the States were buried in this old cemetery. Among them include Colonel Joseph A. Hawkins, killed at the battle of Stone River, Tennessee in January 1863. The Army returned his body with full military honors including his horse with saddle and stirrups reversed.

Purchase of New Grounds

On June 5, 1877, Marysville citizens voted to raise a tax sufficient to purchase grounds for a new cemetery. On April 11, 1879, by action of the Village Council, 39.5 acres of woodland located at the intersection of Raymond Road and West Fifth Street was purchased from J.C. & Providence Dynes of Paris Township for $1,975. This tract of land was platted into lots and driveways and given the name of Oakdale Cemetery. The plots used in the first section (present section C) were laid out in a circular fashion, with future lots radiating from the central round lot. This section includes the tallest monument.

The first burial in Oakdale Cemetery was one year old Earl Lynn Wilcox in May 14, 1880. The cemetery trustees enclosed this first grave with an iron fence, which still stands today.

Famous Residents

Among some of our famous local Marysville residents buried at Oakdale include:

  • Noah Orr, who was known as “Marysville’s Giant”
  • James E. Robinson (grandfather of former first lady Barbara Bush)
  • Colonel Dana W. Morey
  • General Robert S. Beightler

For more information about these and others buried at Oakdale, visit the Union County Historical Society at 246 West Sixth Street. Please call (937) 644-0568 for hours of operation.

Present Day

The present area of Oakdale is 50 acres, some of which are undeveloped. Currently there are slightly over 12,000 interments.