Maintenance & Services


Boil Advisories

On occasion, it is necessary for the Division of Water to issue boil advisories to our water customers due to water main breaks or construction activities. Boil advisories are precautionary measures to ensure the drinking water is safe for consumption after water service has been restored. Areas affected by boil advisories will be notified, before and after, by door-to-door notice, door hangers, or mail.

Bulk Water

The City of Marysville has provisions for bulk water sales in the form of two fill stations and multiple hydrant meters to fit your needs. Our bulk water stations are located on State Route 4N at the North Tank and on Industrial Parkway at the Fladt Road Tank. Hydrant meters and pin numbers for the automated fill stations can be obtained by contacting the Utility Billing office by email or by phone at (937) 645-7350.

Hydrant Flushing

Complete system hydrant flushing is conducted throughout the city in the spring and fall. Monthly hydrant flushing occurs in specific locations of the distribution system depending on pipe layout and usage in the area. While hydrants are being flushed in your area, customers may experience pressure and flow fluctuations and possibly discolored water. Flushing hydrants provides data to our operators regarding water quality and fire hydrant functionality.

Leak Detection

The Division of Water conducts a water leak survey annually on the entire system to minimize the amount of water (unmeasured by meters) leaving our system. After a leak has been identified, city crews make the necessary repairs as soon as possible.


The servicemen work under the Distribution Department and are responsible for day-to-day service calls that water customers may have. These service calls include:
  • Connects and disconnects
  • Obtaining meter readings
  • Service line inspections
  • Water meter replacements or repairs