Tax Information

Income Tax Rate

The City of Marysville Income Tax rate is 1.5%.

Tax Credits

The City of Marysville does not give tax credits for taxes paid to another city.



Employers are encouraged to file their annual reconciliations electronically. Refer to the W3 instructions for details.

Account Credits & Estimates

Prior year credits, that have been carried forward from previous years, and/or estimated payments can be verified by logging in to your account on the Tax Tool (new tax tool available February 2, 2017). Declaration of Estimated Tax for the current tax year is due by the original due date.

Partial Year Residents

Any taxpayer who resided in the City of Marysville for any part of a tax year is required to file a tax return (based on the partial year residency). Making payments for estimated tax does not constitute filing a final return. Income, deductions and credits may be applied on a prorated basis or by supplying verification from your employer (i.e. payroll check stubs or a letter detailing income earned while you lived in Marysville). Penalties and interest will not be charged for late or non-payments if you are an individual who currently resides in the City of Marysville but did not live here on the first day of January of the current calendar year.

Mandatory Filing

All City of Marysville residents who are 18 years of age or older are required to file and remain in compliance with all filing requirements whether or not taxes are owed. Exemption from filing may be granted by the Income Tax Division under certain circumstances (see the Individual Exemption Form under Tax Forms). The failure to be notified or sent tax forms does not excuse non-compliance.

Mandatory Filing includes anyone temporarily living away from home such as college students, teachers, etc. Non-resident taxpayers who have income derived from within the City of Marysville and for who the tax is not withheld by their employer must file a City of Marysville Income Tax Return.

Penalties and Interest

Fees are imposed for failure to file in a timely manner (with payment and tax return). A 10% penalty is imposed on any tax paid after the original due date of the return. Interest at 2%, per month (or fraction thereof), is applied on any tax paid after the due date. Any taxpayer granted an extension of time to file will not avoid penalties and interest if payment is due and it is paid after the original due date of the return. Beginning in tax year 2016 and moving forward, new penalty and interest rates apply. Extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay.

Request for Extension of Time to File

All taxpayers unable to file a completed return by the due date must file an Extension Request (copies of federal extension forms (IRS form 4868 and 2688) and confirmation numbers from telefile are also acceptable). Requests must be filed on or before the due date of the original return and must be accompanied by the payment of any tax that is due.