Camera Registration Program

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The Marysville Police Division Camera Registration program is a police/community video partnership that operates on a voluntary basis with homeowners, neighborhoods and business owners who own private video surveillance systems. Both businesses and residents may register their cameras by completing the Online Security Camera Registration Form

We encourage homeowners, HOA's, businesses, and business communities to partner with the Marysville Police Division in our efforts to make Marysville a safer community to live, work, and play.

Prevention and Prosecution

Security cameras can prevent crime as criminals may be less likely to strike if they know they will be recorded. Also, security cameras create leads for police officers and detectives when a crime occurs in or around your home or business.

Notes about our Surveillance Camera Registration

  • This is a voluntary program designed to help investigators locate important evidence. You may request to remove your camera from the registration at any time via email.
  • Registering your camera does not give anyone access to it. Only the camera location and contact information will be documented. Additionally, only authorized Marysville Police Division personnel will have access to this contact information and will only access it in relation to an on-going investigation.
  • The public will not have access to your personal information or Camera Registration. Only applicable Public Records releases of the video footage will be authorized. 

Terms of Use:

The goal of the program is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Marysville Police Division and the community we serve. Accordingly, all registrants agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • As a camera Registration Program Participant, you acknowledge any registration information you provide may be a public record subject to disclosure in accordance with the Ohio Public Records Act (Ohio Rev. Code 149.43).
  • Any footage containing or related to criminal activity may be requested by the Marysville Police Division for use as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding.
  • Under no circumstances shall registrants construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the City of Marysville and/or the Marysville Police Division through the program.
  • The Marysville Police Division will contact you directly, using the information you have provided during registration, to request the appropriate video camera footage. 

By submitting this information, the camera registrant understands and agrees to the above terms of use.