Traffic & Speed Survey Results

Traffic and Speed Survey Results

The City of Marysville uses speed-measuring devices to monitor traffic volume, average speed, high speeds and low speeds of roadways throughout the City. The results are used to help prioritize enforcement and other responsive efforts as well as educate the public.

A summary of speed survey deployments is listed below by street name.

Glossary of Terms Used:

  • Average Speed - This is the average of all vehicles, which were registered by a covert speed measuring device.
  • 85th Percentile - This number represents that 85% of all vehicles were traveling at this speed or less.
  • Percent of Excessive Speeds - This represents the percent of the vehicles in the survey that were traveling more than 15 mph over the speed limit.

Common Speed Metric: 85th Percentile Speed

To help ensure safe, comfortable streets, the City and Marysville Police look at the 85th percentile speed, a common speed study metric. Out of 100 drivers, it is the maximum speed of 85 drivers.

Traffic Enforcement Requests

The Marysville Police Division values feedback on traffic enforcement needs throughout the City. Traffic enforcement requests can be submitted by completing a simple form. All requests will be reviewed to determine the appropriate course of action. While we continue to monitor and enforce speed violations, community partnership and engagement in this effort is essential.