Communication with the Probation Department should be in writing. If you have a problem, a request for information, or a missed appointment, you should make a written request to your probation officer. Please include your full name and case number. Written requests should be sent to the following address.

  • Probation Officer Craig Resch
    Marysville Municipal Court
    1250 W. 5th St.
    Marysville, OH 43040


The probation officer's voicemail is not intended for routine use by probationers. The probation officer's voicemail should be used to report an arrest or a conviction for a new charge. Leaving unnecessary or repeated messages will be considered a violation of your probation.

Probation Questions

The Municipal Court clerks are not probation officers. The clerk's office does not maintain a probation file or schedule, or any other information about your probation. As such, do no seek information regarding probation matters from the clerk's office. All questions should be sent in writing to your probation officer. Repeated contact with the clerk's office regarding probation matters shall be considered a violation or your probation.


If you are on reporting probation, you must report for probation on the date and at the time assigned to you. Report to the Marysville Municipal Court Clerk's office. Complete a probation report form located at the counter. Upon completion of the form, report to the Probation office located inside the courtroom. If you miss a reporting date for any reason, do not report on a different date. Instead, promptly write to your probation officer with an explanation for your failure to appear and request a new reporting date.

Probation Violations

If you receive a Notice of Probation Violation, you must personally appear in court on the date and time given. Your rights at the probation violation hearing will be given to your by the Judge. Your failure to appear will result in the issuance of a capias for your arrest.

Modification Requests

If you are unable to pay fines and court costs or complete a condition of probation as ordered by the Court, you may file a modification request form to ask the Judge for additional time. The form is available in the Municipal Court Clerk's office.

There is a $10.00 filing fee per modification request.

There is no guarantee your request will be granted. You must show proof that you have done everything possible to comply. Just stating "I need more time" is not enough.

If anything delays or interferes with compliance with the Court's order, you must timely file a written request asking the order to be changed. Timely means at least seven (7) days before the original deadline set for completion. Do not put it off until it is too late and then expect to get order changes or receive more time to comply. Only the Judge can modify your sentence and the sentence remains in effect until the Judge signs a new order and it is filed with the Clerk of Court. Do not expect to file one day and it be ready the next day.

The following are examples of some things considered in reviewing request for modification.

  • Has anything been paid toward fines and or costs?
  • How many hours of community service have been completed?
  • Is the defendant regularly attending counseling or other ordered programs?
  • Has proof of restitution been shown? Restitution is a critical issue. You are more likely to get additional time to pay fines and costs than more time to repay victims.
  • Has a probation or show cause notice been filed or received?
  • Have there been any new violations of law committed since sentencing in this case?
  • Has there been previous modification for the same reasons?
  • Has this request been made and previously denied?
  • Is there enough time left under the court order for defendant to timely complete the required condition?
  • Has defendant done everything possible to comply with the Court's order?