Where is the Engineering Department located?
The Engineering Department (including the Planning and Zoning Division) is located at City Hall, 209 S. Main Street, Marysville, Ohio 43040

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1. Who puts the flags and paint within the public right-of-way and what do they mean?
2. Where is the Engineering Department located?
3. I need to dig in my yard. How do I get my utilities marked?
4. How do I report a traffic signal or traffic sign problem?
5. How do I report a stopped up storm drain?
6. How do I find out which streets are scheduled for repaving?
7. What is the right-of-way on my street?
8. Do I need a permit to replace my driveway/sidewalk?
9. Who can help me find my property lines so I can build a fence?
10. What is the flood elevation in my neighborhood?
11. Where can I drain my swimming pool?
12. Where can I get a copy of property plats or easements for my property?
13. Who do I contact regarding sight distance (i.e. roadway visibility) issues?
14. How do I apply for a right-of-way permit?
15. How do I get benchmarks?
16. What can be done to alleviate drainage problems caused by my neighbor’s downspouts?
17. What can be done to fix troublesome areas that flood regularly?
18. How do I have street signs removed, replaced or installed on my street?
19. Can I place materials or equipment in the public right-of-way during a construction project?
20. Where can I get utility as-built/record plans?
21. Who can I talk to regarding drainage issues?
22. Who can help correct an erosion problem on a project site?
23. How do I determine if sewer or water connection charges are due?
24. What will my roadway look like after the street reconstruction project?
25. My street is going to be reconstructed...will I be able to get into my driveway during construction?
26. How do I report a pothole in the street?
27. Does my project require an engineering inspection?
28. Does the City have their own specifications?
29. When will my street be reconstructed?
30. Who do I contact to report a traffic light that does not change /or is not working?
31. Who is responsible for repairs to the public sidewalk?