Tree roots are lifting my sidewalk, can the City remove the tree and fix the sidewalk?

While the City does not currently repair or replace sidewalk panels due to lifting by tree roots, we do provide a cost-sharing option to residents through our Sidewalk & Curb Improvement Program. If tree roots are the suspected cause, residents and business owners are encouraged to contact the Urban Forester for a pre-work inspection. If it can be determined ahead of construction that the tree will need to be removed, the City will arrange and cover the cost of the removal. However, in most circumstances, the Urban Forester will recommend that the tree remain in place until excavation is complete, and the damaged tree roots are exposed. The Urban Forester will then make a determination as to whether or not the tree is safe to leave in place.

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13. Tree roots are lifting my sidewalk, can the City remove the tree and fix the sidewalk?
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